Here at Long Way Home we're about taking the road less travelled. We want to avoid short term trends in game design and explore ideas, concepts and loop combinations that haven't been given the time of day.

We've all travelled the tired main road for many years before coming together. For us, its now about the challenge of the unexplored or abandoned that makes it fun and worthwhile.

Our Team

Here is a selection of our team members and their industry backstories.


Violet McVinnie

Violet has been making games for 18 years now as a generalist who specialises in cinematography and narrative. She's covered everything from mods and indie titles such as NeoTokyo and Black Mesa up to AAA game changers like the Mass Effect trilogy, Star Wars The Old Republic and even directing an official movie for Team Fortress 2 along with an in game content pack.


Lisa Barber

Lisa is a professional illustrator and 3D artist with 7 years of AAA experience. Handling world level art and models on big titles such as Days Gone and Halo Infinite. More recently they have dabbled in large scale virtual production.


Mario dos Santos

Mario is a talented generalist who mains in 3D art and design. Since entering the industry in 2016 he's made a rapid improvement in his skillset across indie titles such as 2064: Read Only Memories, Atooi Collection, VR Chat content and now with us.


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